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We’ve searched the web for the latest weed videos and cannabis videos. A collection of the hottest videos around including grow marijuana videos with step-by-step instructions, the hottest weed girls, funny weed videos of people smoking, some excellent lessons on cooking cannabis, plus reviews of Amsterdam coffee shops and the top weed strains on the market right now. We’ve included every type of cannabis video you can think of, we just hope you’re not too stoned to enjoy them.

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  • How to tell Good Weed from Bad Weed

    How to tell Good Weed from Bad Weed

    Everyone thinks they know a good bud when they see one, but telling the difference between good and bad weed can take a while to work out. This video tells you what you should be looking for when you pick up your buds, and how to tell if you’re getting the good shit.

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  • Grey Area Coffeeshop Review

    Grey Area Coffeeshop Review

    In this updated video, we take a look at the interior of one of Amsterdam’s most famous cannabis connoisseur coffee shops. We take a look around at the surrounding area, as well as taking a peek at the Grey Area weed menu, which has some fine choices on it like Silver Bubble, Casey Jones and Exodus Cheese. The weed in this coffeeshop is strong and tastes fine, so make sure you pop in for a joint or two if you’re [...]

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  • Pest Control

    Pest Control

    As an outdoor cannabis grower you are going to require some knowledge about pest control, as these little critters like to eat the sweet nectar of your bud. The experienced grower in this video gives some great advice about additives and sprays you can use to keep the bugs at bay without putting too many toxins on your weed.

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  • Hot Blonde Smoking Weed

    Hot Blonde Smoking Weed

    There are few things in life that beat a hot blonde smoking weed in nothing more than a bikini and some thigh high boots. Maybe your wedding day or something, but that’s not happened to me yet, so I’m going to stick with this video for the time being.

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  • Re-Moistening Dry Weed

    Re-Moistening Dry Weed

    You will only need to re-moisten dry weed if you are curing the weed and you have allowed it to dry too much and it has become harsh and brittle. What a little bit of orange peel does is bring a gentle amount of moisture to your buds, without having to start the whole process again. It can also give you buds an orangey twang! Sweet!

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  • Super Hot Box

    Super Hot Box

    I’ve always been happy if I manage to get a thick layer of smoke across the top of the room, but this takes your average hot box and makes it like it is fresh air on the side of the mountain. These guys really go for it, filling the room with so much smoke that some of them have to take a break before they pass out. This is taking hot boxing to the extreme!

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  • Sunshine of Your Love – Cream

    Sunshine of Your Love – Cream

    What is there to say about a song that is so famous already? From that amazing riff to that wild guitar solo, listening to Sunshine of Love fills you with flower power, but in a bad way. This song chills you out and gets in your mind. A top track to smoke weed to, man!

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  • Drunk vs Stoned

    Drunk vs Stoned

    If you’ve ever wanted an unscientific explanation of the effects of being drunk versus the affects of being stoned, then you have finally lucked out. There is a series of tests , like building Lego, drawing and lifting a ball, all of which are pretty funny when you’re out of it. Needless to say the winner is…

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  • Cannabutter and Cookies

    Cannabutter and Cookies

    This video contains two wonderful weed recipes, one for cannabutter and one for cannabis cookies. There are many ways to make weed cookies and these are a real treat and are easy to make. Enjoy!

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  • Sour Bubba Kush Weed Strain

    Sour Bubba Kush Weed Strain

    The Sour Bubba Kush weed strain is a cross of the tasty Bubble Gum and a Kush. The result is a great looking and tasting weed that is so crystalline it looks like it could be used for Velcro. The reviewer here describes the taste as sweet and citrusy with a hint of candy. This is a potent indica dominant strain that will have your palms sweating after only a minute.

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  • Barney’s Coffeeshop 2013

    Barney’s Coffeeshop 2013

    Barney’s Coffeeshop is one of the most popular in Amsterdam, and with a weed menu like this, it’s easy to see why. Updated for 2013, it’s packed full of Cannabis Cup winners like Sweet Tooth, Blue Cheese, and Caramella Cream hash. If you’re in the city, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be visiting this coffee shop.

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  • Carbs and Sweeteners for Weed

    Carbs and Sweeteners for Weed

    Knowing what extra carbs and sweeteners to give you weed plant can seriously increase the yields of your weed plant. Some of the things on your list will not interfere with your normal marijuana nutrients. These things will help you, but will not turn bad genetics into top class weed. These additions will help you get the most out of your marijuana plant.

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