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We’ve searched the web for the latest weed videos and cannabis videos. A collection of the hottest videos around including grow marijuana videos with step-by-step instructions, the hottest weed girls, funny weed videos of people smoking, some excellent lessons on cooking cannabis, plus reviews of Amsterdam coffee shops and the top weed strains on the market right now. We’ve included every type of cannabis video you can think of, we just hope you’re not too stoned to enjoy them.

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  • Walk Hard Weed Smoking

    Walk Hard Weed Smoking

    Featuring Tim Meadows and John C. Riley, this funny weed smoking clip from the film Walk Hard manages to make the anti-marijuana arguments sound ridiculous by making them laughable. Not only that, but this is some quality comedy acting from a funny scene in a funny film. It also has the cute Odette Annable, which is not bad for a snip only a minute and a second long.

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  • NYC Diesel Weed Strain

    NYC Diesel Weed Strain

    The NYC Diesel weed strain is sativa dominant and was created by crossbreading the Sour Diesel, Afghani and Hawaiian strains. The buds are a really light colour with nice orange hairs and give you an extremely uplifting high. There is good trichome coverage on theses tight nugs and the smell is of earth and menthol, almost like Green Dragon tincture. One thing is for sure, this is a tasting looking bud to be hit in a bong.

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  • How to set up an Indoor Cannabis Growing Room

    How to set up an Indoor Cannabis Growing Room

    This is a demonstration of how to set up an indoor cannabis growing room leaves you not having to question anything. It is totally comprehensive and gives an idea that if you have the time and money, you can have an amazing room to grow your cannabis. It’s a demonstration from start to finish and even includes a time elapsed indoor cannabis grow. A great video to get some tips from if you thinking of growing cannabis indoors.

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  • Harvest time for Outdoor Cannabis Grow

    Harvest time for Outdoor Cannabis Grow

    It’s harvest time for this outdoor cannabis grow, and what a harvest it’s going to be. The tops of these plants have been taken for harvest already, allowing some of the lower buds to get a little more light and energy before they too are taken and harvested to become that delicious smokeable bud we all love. This beautiful garden has a number of weed strains, including Mist and Strawberry Cream waiting to be harvested.

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  • Rusland Coffee Shop

    Rusland Coffee Shop

    Rusland coffee shop in the centre of Amsterdam is known for its good White Widow and reasonable prices. This coffee shop’s weed menu has more than a good White Widow on it though. With Thai, Chocolope, AK 47 and Isolator to name a few, Rusland has a marijuana strain that will suit everyone’s tastes. Also known for its good munchies, Rusland coffee shop comes highly recommended if you’re visiting Amsterdam.

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  • How to Roll the Holy Cross

    How to Roll the Holy Cross

    It can get a bit boring smoking plain old joints all the time, so here at cannabis videos want to show how to roll the Holy Cross. In fact, the Holy Cross enables you to smoke three joints at once. Yes, you could just roll one really big one, but where’s the skill in that. This demonstration on how to roll a holy cross joint makes it look simple and will make you look like the rolling messiah.

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  • G13 x Silver Haze Weed Strain

    G13 x Silver Haze Weed Strain

    This review of the G13 x Silver Haze weed strain shows you exactly what kind of dank you’ll be getting if you obtain some of this Indica dominant bud. The nugs look tight and crystally in the light, even if it could have been trimmed a little better. It’s covered in trichomes and pistils even though it was grown outdoors. This weed has one hell of cerebral hit, so if you have anything you need to do, make sure it [...]

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  • Splitting Your Marijuana Grow

    Splitting Your Marijuana Grow

    Splitting your marijuana is a growing technique shared by Dutch growers. The idea behind splitting this outdoor cannabis plant is to put it into stress in its final week of flowering. This way, the weed plant thinks its going to die, so puts its energy into the production of more resin, increasing the size of your buds and yield.

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  • Barrington Levy – Under Mi Sensi

    Barrington Levy – Under Mi Sensi

    The rapping in this weed song, alongside the dub bass line, make this track from Barrington Levy mighty fine tune to get stoned to. Sit back, light up a blunt, hit a bong, smoke a pipe and get under your sensi for Barrington Levy.

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  • How to Roll a Blunt

    How to Roll a Blunt

    It’s arguable that there are few better ways to be smoking weed than smoking a blunt. This tutorial on how to roll a blunt shows you just how simple it is to smoke that dank in one of the tastiest ways possible. After watching this, you’ll know exactly what to do; smoke a blunt and get high.

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  • Amsterdam coffee shops – Top 15 tips

    Amsterdam coffee shops – Top 15 tips

    Not everyone has been to an Amsterdam coffee shop and this video gives helpful advice, sharing with you the top 15 tips to know before you go. Filmed at the Funky Monkey coffee shop in Amsterdam, advice on how much weed to buy, what to do with hash, and how to approach the famous Amsterdam “Isolator” are packed into this video. One of the main messages is to go out there and enjoy the Amsterdam coffee shop weed smoking experience, [...]

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  • Coffee Shop Utopia

    Coffee Shop Utopia

    Coffee shop Utopia in Amsterdam is famous for its good hash and cosy atmosphere. Here we take a look around inside of Coffee shop Utopia, checking out the décor, and more importantly, its marijuana menu. On the menu are great buds like Casey Jones, Amnesia haze and Orange beard, which looks nice and dank. The hash on offer looks tasty as well, with Temple Ball and Isolator on the menu. Coffee shop Utopia looks like a nice and chilled place [...]

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