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We’ve searched the web for the latest weed videos and cannabis videos. A collection of the hottest videos around including grow marijuana videos with step-by-step instructions, the hottest weed girls, funny weed videos of people smoking, some excellent lessons on cooking cannabis, plus reviews of Amsterdam coffee shops and the top weed strains on the market right now. We’ve included every type of cannabis video you can think of, we just hope you’re not too stoned to enjoy them.

Recent Videos

  • Weed Girl Bong Session

    Weed Girl Bong Session

    Any weed girl bong session needs three essential ingredient; a bong, some dank, and a hot weed girl to smoke it all up. Well my friends, you’re in luck as all are very much present in this video. This weed smoking hottie is definitely worth watching while hitting bongs and looks good in and out of her…glasses. Enjoy!

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  • Cannabis Coconut Oil

    Cannabis Coconut Oil

    Cannabis Coconut oil is a simple to make marijuana recipe and can be used in lots of different recipes. This is a well presented and detailed cannabis cooking video, and will ensure that you have a potent cannacoconut oil to use. It is also explained to us by one of the most charming couples I have stumbled across on youtube.

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  • Purple Weed Strains

    Purple Weed Strains

    Purple weed strains produce some of the best looking buds and these are certainly no exception. Strain like Purple Kush, Blackberry Kush, Grand Daddy Purple, God’s Gift and Midnight Urkel not only look good, but are knock your socks off potent and tasty too. If I could choose any of these, I would choose them all. Kind of like in a Purple weed strain Pokemon type of thing, you know what I mean? No, just me then…

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  • FIM Tutorial

    FIM Tutorial

    This FIM Tutorial will help you increase the overall yield from your marijuana plant. FIMming was discovered by mistake and is an alternative to topping your weed. This is a clear and concise video on how to FIM your marijuana plants.

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  • Al Brown – Here I am Baby (Come and Take me)

    Al Brown – Here I am Baby (Come and Take me)

    Here I am Baby is a classic stoner song by Al Brown. The track itself is full of good vibes, with good dub bass and a cracking voice taking you on journey and leaving you smiling. Get down, smoke a joint and feel good with Al Brown.

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  • Funny Weed Stand Up

    Funny Weed Stand Up

    Funny weed stand up is hard to come by as a lot of it is observational and out of whack with what it’s like to be stoned. However, I have personally done a couple of these things and it made me laugh to remember. This is some funny weed comedy.

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  • Bong Hit Competition

    Bong Hit Competition

    I would love to enter a bong hit competition, but for now the best I can do is sit here and watch. It’s not really clear what’s going on in this weed smoking video, but there is a point where the girl competing goes “all out” to win. Just watch it and you’ll know what I mean.

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  • Strawberry Haze x Hindu Kush Weed Strain

    Strawberry Haze x Hindu Kush Weed Strain

    The Strawberry Haze x Hindu Kush Weed strain is a great mix of indica and sativa genetics. This weed has great bag appeal, with the bud looking tight and dank. The taste is of hash and spices mixed with a hint of fruit, and the smell is so pungent, this weed will stink out your room pretty quickly. The hit comes quick and starts as a cerebral high, moving nicely into a body stone, thanks to the presence of Hindu [...]

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  • Double Reggae Coffee Shop

    Double Reggae Coffee Shop

    The Double Reggae Coffee Shop is in the heart of the dam and plays some of the best music you’ll hear in an Amsterdam Coffeeshop. This guy shows you what it’s like to just wake up and go and get your morning coffee and skunk joint to help start the day. I’d say that’s not a bad way to start the day.

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  • Outdoor Cannabis Growing Lessons

    Outdoor Cannabis Growing Lessons

    Getting some outdoors cannabis growing lessons is the best way to ensure you get the biggest buds possible. As courses on weed growing aren’t the easiest thing to find (they weren’t taught in my school), this video will be able to fill in any gaps, giving you basic instructions on things like, what to do if you find a male in your marijuana grow as well what you feed your marijuana plants. Enjoy and good luck.

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  • Tattooed Girl Smoking Weed

    Tattooed Girl Smoking Weed

    You can’t get much sexier than a girl with tattoos smoking weed. This hot weed girl hits a nice looking glass pipe and the weed starts to take affect straight away. This video goes on for a while, but that just gives you more time to…er… listen to her. Just watch the damn video!

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  • Celebrities Who Smoke Weed

    Celebrities Who Smoke Weed

    It should be of no surprise to you that some celebrities smoke weed. I’m sure some of them on this list do it for show, but the unfortunate fact remains that it takes people of prominence in society smoking weed to bring attention to the legalization debate. One thing I will say for the massive majority of people on this list, they haven’t become celebrity car crashes, showing that a bit of weed doesn’t do any harm.

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