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We’ve searched the web for the latest weed videos and cannabis videos. A collection of the hottest videos around including grow marijuana videos with step-by-step instructions, the hottest weed girls, funny weed videos of people smoking, some excellent lessons on cooking cannabis, plus reviews of Amsterdam coffee shops and the top weed strains on the market right now. We’ve included every type of cannabis video you can think of, we just hope you’re not too stoned to enjoy them.

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  • Fire OG Weed Strain

    Fire OG Weed Strain

    The Fire OG weed strain has two OG Kush parents that were crossed to create something that will knock your socks off. As you can tell from the tight, trichome covered buds in this video, this is a strong weed strain that is not to be underestimated. It has a nice lemony fuel smell and taste, and is great for pain relief, stress and anxiety. This is one of the best types of OG Kush around and it’s easy to [...]

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  • When To Water Your Weed Plant

    When To Water Your Weed Plant

    Knowing how and when to water your marijuana plants is one of the most important bits of knowledge to have when growing weed indoors. The grower here makes shows quite a simple but affective way to know when your weed needs water, which involves picking up the pot to tell if the soil is dry and therefore light. If watering your cannabis is something that you’re struggling with, then why not give this technique a try.

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  • The Roots – You Got Me

    The Roots – You Got Me

    You Got Me by The Roots is a great tune to sit down, have a joint and reflect with. The chilled out beat and bass line, mixed with the deep lyrics and Erykah Badu’s beautiful voice take over your head as the weed starts to take hold. A fine stoner song indeed.

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  • Keif and Honey Weed Tincture

    Keif and Honey Weed Tincture

    This recipe for keif and honey weed tincture is simple to follow and makes for a great way to medicate with marijuana. There isn’t a lot too it, but the end result is something special. The marijuana recipe’s author recommends that you don’t smoke it because of the high amount of sugars in the honey. This is a great way to make a tincture if you don’t have access to a medical marijuana dispensary, or if you want to save [...]

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  • Funny Anti Weed Video

    Funny Anti Weed Video

    This funny anti weed video is just some kid in his bedroom satirically mocking some of the myths that anti-marijuana campaigners espouse. It’s not the most challenging piece of satire (although some people seem to have been fooled) but some of it made me laugh out loud. Therefore I’m sharing it with you. If you don’t agree, leave a comment in the box below.

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  • Coffeeshop De Graal

    Coffeeshop De Graal

    Coffeeshop De Graal is a top Amsterdam coffeeshop with one of the best hash menus in town. The weed menu is made up of great strains, with NY Diesel, Amnesia Haze, Blue Cheese, and Jack Herer on offer in the way of buds. The hash here is really special, with Kashmir, Nepal, Super Polem, Isolator and the incredibly tasty Super Cream available. This coffeeshop menu come recommended and is well worth sampling if you’re in town.

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  • 5 Top Medical Strains

    5 Top Medical Strains

    The strains in this video are completely subjective and you may have a difference in opinion (use the comment box below), but that doesn’t stop them from being 5 top medical marijuana strains. The buds on display look real dank, with Purple Urkle, California Dream and Great White Shark all living up to their bag appeal reputations. To be honest, sometimes it’s nice to just look at some nice buds.

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  • Cute Girls Smoke Blunt

    Cute Girls Smoke Blunt

    Who wouldn’t want to be in a room with two cute girls smoking a blunt? There’s something for everyone; cute girls wearing small t-shirts, and if you don’t like that kind of thing, a massive blunt to smoke on. Just what I like, the kind of situation in which everyone’s a winner. This calls for a celebration, after I’ve watched this video again…

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  • Outdoor Summer Grow

    Outdoor Summer Grow

    If you have the pleasure of living in a climate similar to Hawaii, you can expect to have a good looking outdoor summer grow on your patio like this one. The plants look healthy and the buds are starting to look tight and sticky. Looks like everything is coming to fruit perfectly for this outdoor weed grower.

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  • Cannabis Revealed

    Cannabis Revealed

    Here at we love an educational video, especially one that cuts out the crap and gives you all the facts. We guarantee you’ll learn things about cannabis that you never knew before and it’ll give you a whole different perspective on marijuana’s prohibition. Go on, I dare you to challenge yourself.

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  • High Times Cup Entries 2013

    High Times Cup Entries 2013

    Held every year to determine the best weed strains out there, this is a collection of the best High Times Cup entries for 2013. The list is long and includes weed strains like Cherry AK, Jedi Kush, Caramel Candy Kush, and Dead Head OG, as well as a number of edibles, wax and other marijuana related products. There is fifteen minutes of video here, giving you enough time to write out your shopping list.

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  • Atmosphere – Sunshine

    Atmosphere – Sunshine

    Sunshine by Atmosphere is just what the doctor ordered. It’s got exactly what you need from a weed smoking song; a trippy sample, good lyrics and a decent bass line. Take Sunshine at any point in the day and make sure that you consume weed at the same time to feel the full effect.

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