Funny Weed Strain Names

A lady from a dispensary or lab called the natural leaf discusses weed strain names she show you through a high tech lab. The weed specialist shows of some weed strains including strains such as amnesia, sage and sour, G13, grapefruit white widow, blueberry widow, sweet tooth, honey bee, purple kush, plus phatt and fruity. The plant spealist sorry i mean weed specialist also discusses some common medical uses for the strains a nice look through a dispensarys weed catalog.



  1. liypol says:

    blueberry widow and purple kush are the bizness. man wish i owned that weed dispensary!!!!!

  2. harry says:

    nice i like the sound of blueberry widow, 2 of my favourite weed strains crossed together.

  3. ben says:

    like blueberry widow its a great strain also try the g13 its my favourite type of weed.

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